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Anuvia products support residential lawn care with sustainable, environmentally friendly high-performance products that are good for people, plants and the planet.

Meet the Family

Meet the Family

Fits Your Needs and How You Work

No Filler. No Uncoated Urea. High Performance. Sustainable.

Introducing the GreenTRXTM family of products for complete year-long, all-season, sustainable fertilization. Each product is based on Anuvia’s unique TRX® Technology nutrient delivery for efficient high performance.

Turf professionals can offer complete GreenTRXTM programs or chose the best analysis for their specific needs based on turf conditions. GreenTRXTM products incorporate Anuvia’s TRX technology along with poly-coated urea for extended delivery of nutrients and enhanced visibility while spreading.

It’s All Nutrients.

Nutrients are delivered fast and then slow. Lawns quickly respond with a noticeably deeper green. Within days of application, grass appears greener, lusher and healthier. Unlike conventional fertilizers, the GreenTRXTM family of products contain up to 50 percent more nutrient granules than traditional blends which can be comprised of more than 50 percent filler.

See the GreenTRX Difference

GreenTRX Fertilizer Bags

48% SRN 16% S 2% Fe

GreenTRX90 replaces the original GreenTRX 16-1-2. It provides more nutrition, higher slow release percent all at a new lower price.

  • Up to 8-week feed
  • 75-1 lb/N rate

65% SRN 13% S 1.5% Fe

Provides a common high nutrient analysis, with higher percent slow release. An excellent alternative to common blends that contain filler and uncoated urea. Features high performance with sustainability and environmental stewardship.

  • Up to 10-week feed at higher rates
  • 1-1.25 lb/N use rate

78% SRN 10% S 1% Fe

Features the longest extended feeding. Quick results and lasting performance make it great for summer and blackout applications.

  • Up to 12-week feed at higher rates
  • 1-2 lb/N use rate

Meet the Family 2

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

List of Features and Benefits

GreenTRX Healthy Lawn

Create healthy lawns that go beyond beautiful and lush. With the GreenTRXTM family of products by Anuvia, the grass is heathier, and lawns better able to withstand drought, excessive rain, heat and cold.

GreenTRXTM products are bio-based enhanced efficiency plant nutrients that use an innovative technology to deliver nutrients to lawns when needed most. GreenTRX’s balanced nutrition includes plant-available nitrogen, potash, sulfur and iron — all vital to plant growth and health.

GreenTRXTM lawns respond faster and stay greener because the right nutrients are supplied in the right amount and at the right time. The difference is clearly visible.

How it Works

How it Works

GreenTRXTM products are superior to conventional fertilizers because nutrients are delivered via a proprietary TRX Technology that releases beneficial nutrients when the grass needs them — improving uptake and plant utilization.

Less Loss, More Gain

Because uncoated urea is highly susceptible to loss via volatilization and leaching, GreenTRXTM products use only Anuvia’s TRX Technology and poly-coated urea to reduce the loss of nitrogen. Leaching and volatilization are reduced. More nutrients are used by the growing plant, fewer nutrients are wasted and lost to the environment.

A Healthy Foundation

Healthy Grass and Soil

A Healthy Foundation

Unlike conventional fertilizers, GreenTRXTM not only feeds the grass, it feeds the soil. Soil is a dynamic habitat that needs nourishment from organic matter. GreenTRXTM puts organic matter back in the soil, providing a food source for microbes. Healthy soils provide a better foundation for growing grass — in good weather or bad.

Healthy soils are also an important part of sustainable land management. Anuvia’s approach to fertilization is to nourish and replenish, and to do so in a way that is uniquely environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Where to Buy


You can purchase GreenTRX through the following distributors:

D&K Products

Ewing Irrigation

Ferti Technologies

Fisher and Son Company

Genesis Turfgrass


Nutrien Ag SolutionsTM – (NE USA)

Southern States

Superior Turf Services

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